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Are You Taking the Same Dose of Calcium Supplements Every Day?

Calcium Supplements

Dr. Diane L. Schneider, author of The Complete Book of Bone Health, asks “Are You Taking the Same Dose of Calcium Supplements Every Day?”

“Do you eat the same thing every day? Although what you eat for breakfast may be pretty routine, your other meals throughout the day are probably not. Are you a creature of habit when it comes to taking your calcium supplements?”

The IOM guidelines—1,000–1,200mg/day—include all sources of calcium, including your diet and other medications.

Calcium supplements are meant to supplement your diet. So you need to take your actual diet, which varies from day to day, into account when determining how much you need to supplement each day. 

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Diets High in Salt Could Deplete Calcium in the Body

ScienceDaily  (July 24, 2012) — When sodium leaves a body, it takes calcium along with it, creating risk for kidney stones and osteoporosis.

The scientific community has always wanted to know why people who eat high-salt diets are prone to developing medical problems such as kidney stones and osteoporosis.

When sodium intake becomes too high, the body gets rid of sodium via the urine, taking calcium with it, which depletes calcium stores in the body. High levels of calcium in the urine lead to the development of kidney stones, while inadequate levels of calcium in the body lead to thin bones and osteoporosis.

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How Long Can You Safely Take Bisphosphonate Medication for Osteoporosis?

How Long Can You Safely Take Bisphosphonate Medication for Osteoporosis?


“Bisphosphonates are the drugs most often prescribed to treat and prevent osteoporosis. Bisphosphonates help to preserve bone mass by slowing down bone resorption. Clinical studies of these drugs have focused on their effect on bone mineral density (BMD) and fracture risk. ”

But how long is it safew to use these drugs?

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