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Structural Prana and Svaroopa® Yoga

“Have you ever thought about the energy that returns your spine to neutral? It’s not something you control with your muscles… The real yoga is just getting out of your own way.” (Leslie Kaminoff)

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“There is something about the way we are put together that inherently wants to hold us up. …when we’re trying to find our support, what we’re really looking for are all the things we are doing to get in the way of this — to get in the way of what’s already present in the system.

And it runs a little bit counter to how we’re accustomed to accomplishing things, which is if I just try harder or work better or learn more about posture or alignment … and bring that into the system then I’ll hold myself up better. Well, quite often all our attempts in that direction is exactly the thing that is getting in the way.

It’s releasing tension that allows these deeper forces of support to show up. And that’s really inherent in the teachings of yoga.”

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