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On Pins and Needles – A Love Story Revisited

It’s Valentine’s Day!

And I thought I should revisit an old love story that I posted 9 years ago.

Love at First Sight – Stuck on You

In 1993, my cousin, Rae, wrote this short essay for the Valentine’s Day issue of Ladies Home Journal.  I’ve always loved the story and wanted to share it — even though it has nothing to do with yoga.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“In 1947, when I was seventeen, I attended a dance at the local YMCA. After a few dances, I reached into my purse for a lipstick and noticed a hat pin. Feeling devilish, I crept up behind Bill, a friend of mine, and playfully stuck the pin into his derriere. “Bill” turned around—and to my horror, I realized that I had never seen this fellow before in my life!

Shocked and mortified, I mumbled an apology and disappeared into the rest room as fast as my legs would carry me. I knew I would die if I ever saw him again. But a few days later, the guy I had jabbed called and asked me for a date. (He had asked Bill for my name and number.) During the forty-two years we’ve been married, he has told everyone that since the first moment we met, I’ve kept him on pins and needles!”

My cousin Rae passed away in 2012 and Carl died in December 2020.