On Pins and Needles – A Love Story

Love at First Sight – Stuck on You

In 1993, my cousin wrote this short essay for the Valentine’s Day issue of Ladies Home Journal.  I’ve always loved the story and wanted to share it – even though it has nothing to do with yoga.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“In 1947, when I was seventeen, I attended a dance at the local YMCA. After a few dances, I reached into my purse for a lipstick and noticed a hat pin. Feeling devilish, I crept up behind Bill, a friend of mine, and playfully stuck the pin into his derriere. “Bill” turned around—and to my horror, I realized that I had never seen this fellow before I my life!

Shocked and mortified, I mumbled an apology and disappeared into the rest room as fast as my legs would carry me. I knew I would die if I ever saw him again. But a few days later, the guy I had jabbed called and asked me for a date. (He had asked Bill for my name and number.) During the forty-two years we’ve been married, he has told everyone that since the first moment we met, I’ve kept him on pins and needles!”

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