To Boost Memory Take a Break

New research shows that resting after learning helps cement information. Read the press release…

Often new students ask why we rest in Savasana at the end of our practice. This research provides a scientific corroboration for something yogis have always known – the importance of allowing time to assimilate what we have learned through our practice.

Quotes about Savasana

“Savasana is an important aspect of the practice. Most of us live incredibly busy and hectic lives. It is wise to take at least a little time at the end of our practice to assimilate the soothing benefits we have accrued during practice.” (David Swensen)

“All too often, we shortchange Savasana, thinking perhaps we can’t afford to lie and rest; yet it creates a space for the blending of all eight limbs of yoga for the awakening of our deepest Self. ” (Bo Forbes)

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